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How can Light4Life help me build my own brand?

How can I start making my own brand with Light4Life?

How can disabled people benefit from Light4Life?

What makes Light4Life different?

What services does Light4Life offer?

Is there a minimum purchase required?

I want to become a partner of Light4Life. How do I get started?

What are Light4Life products made of?

I want to work for Light4Life. How can I qualify?

Can I supply my own materials?

Burning time of our candles

Type of wax used for our candles

Type of wick used for our candles

Candles Certification

Can Light 4 Life be used to endorse and Promote our private label products?

If we lower fragrance, will the costs go down?

Are the products made with essential oils?

Is it a natural soy wax blend? What is the wax made from?

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