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Candle Warning Labels-Safety Labels & Stickers

Candle Warning Labels-Safety Labels & Stickers

The attractive and colorful labels we see on our candles are more than just for aesthetics and packaging. These small candle warning labels hold a large amount on information meant for our safety! That’s why if you are starting your own candle-making business, it is important for you to be well-aware about candle warning labels and safety labels.

This article will teach you all about candle warning labels and stickers. Aside from this, you will also get to learn information about candles like candle care tips and candle safety tips. This blog will also feature information about wax melt safety and if candles are toxic. Get one step closer to becoming a candle-pro after reading this article!

What are Candle Warning Labels, Safety Labels and Stickers?

Candle Warning Labels, Safety Labels and Stickers, simply put, are sticker notes which contain information about the candles. This information may include instructions on how to properly use and burn the candle and it also contains candle safety warnings and prevention measures to avoid fire.

Some candle safety warnings also contain and show symbols which we will talk about more later on. What you can rest assure though is that no unnecessary information is listed on these small candle warning labels. These safety warnings may just be the key to preventing accidents at home.

This picture below is an example of a standard candle warning label made by Stone Candles, a renowned and reputable producer of candles, scents and fragrances.

Candle Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 8,200 home fires are caused by candles each year. As such it is important to take the extra precautionary measures to prevent accidents and promote candle safety. One of these preventive measures are the use of candle safety warnings.

Candle warning labels mostly contain the three key rules to candle safety:
● Keep Away from Combustibles
● Keep Away from Children
● Burn Within Sight

Often, these key rules also have accompanying symbols to represent them. Look at these symbols below.

Aside from these key rules, candle safety warnings may also have instructions on how to burn the candle listed on it. In Stone Candles, burning instructions include advising to trim ¼ of the wick before burning and burning the candle at 4-hour intervals only. Some candle warning labels also list down the ingredients of the candle, like what type of wax was used and what fragrances are in it.

Warning labels are also available and required for wax melt safety. These wax melt safety labels are like candle safety warning labels in that they both contain instructions on how to use the products properly and what the consumer needs to do to avoid accidents.

If you are looking for accurate, and informative candle warning labels and stickers, you may get yours from Stone Candles DIY Maker’s Mart. Other candle making supplies are also available here. Purchase your supplies at reputable stores like Stone Candles and be rest assured about your candles’ safety.

Are Candles Toxic?

Some other information that may be found on candle warning labels are about the candles’ toxicity. Often, these rely on what wax the candles are made of. So, are candles toxic? The answer is yes and no. There are toxic candles like those made from paraffin wax while there are also nontoxic candles made from sustainable and natural wax like coconut wax candles.

Other benefits and advantages of coconut wax candles, aside from being nontoxic candles, is that coconut wax candles provide the cleanest burn available. Burning it results to a wax like no other, providing an amazing clean-burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance, and is truly ecologically responsible! Coconut wax allows the fragrances to burn true without any distortion!

If you are looking for 100% pure coconut wax made from food-grade and nontoxic coconut oil, these coconut wax slabs from Stone Candles are your best choice. Want to learn more about coconut wax? You may read this.

Stone Candles only offer the most natural and pure coconut wax candles. Check out their Coco by Stone Collection. Experience the real eco-friendly goodness of chic candles.

Candle Care Tips

Candle safety labels also offer some tips to consumers on how they can properly care for their candles. Sometimes, the safety tips on candle warning labels also double as candle care tips. The instructions listed by the manufacturers also help in keeping your candles at best condition!

Some candle care tips that serve as candle safety tips as well are the following:
● Keep the candle clean.
● Trim the candle’s wick.
● Burn at 4 hours interval.

Caring for your candles do not only ensure that your candle burns at its best but also ensures your safety at home. Care for your candles, care for your safety!

Candle Warning Labels, Safety Labels and Stickers exist not just as display but also to be read! Before using your candles, make sure to read these small labels first for you own safety. It is also a must for candle consumers to not use candles that do not have these candle safety labels. As such only purchase from legal and reputable candle makers like Stone Candles.

Remember burn happy but also burn safely!

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