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Secrets of Design: Lighten Up Your Home Decor with Candles

Secrets of Design: Lighten Up Your Home Decor with Candles

Being stuck at home has really driven many to become instant Interior Designers; non-stop online shopping for home decors and even raiding Ikea when budget allows. I could understand everyone who has become addicted to home decorating, though; after all, your home is where you stay the most, so why not make it your most comfortable and beautiful place?

These days, various new themes and design styles have emerged along with the hype of home decorating and designing. These home designs and home décor range from the homey Rustic Design to the minimalistic Nordic Design. Innovative decors like pendulums and fairy lights have been on the rise lately, too. But you know what other home décor is also a great and popular choice for your home? You guessed right, home candles!

Stone Candles is known for its coconut wax home candles with an array of scents and aromas, but aside from bringing you high-quality scented candles, Stone Candles also has a lot to offer when it comes to home décor candles!

We have listed several of our beautiful and aesthetic décor candles according to the home design it fits so that you may choose comfortably on which candle design suits your tastes the most!

Scandinavian “Nordic” Design: Minimalist Beauty

Paradox Gold Concrete Candle – This home décor candle design infuses modernity with elegance with its combination of the muted gray tone of concrete and flashy and classy shade of gold. Its strong “line” of gold truly signifies the Nordic style of design. This décor candle will surely blend in with your Nordic-inspired home.

Not into the color of concrete? You may like this candle design which has white and gold colors.

Crystal Bowl Candle – Nothing screams “minimalistic” more than a pure white candle design. This crystal bowl home décor candle may look simple but it surely will be the start of your Scandinavian themed home when arranged together with your other Scandinavian home décor.

Rustic Design: Natural, “Aged” Aesthetic

Wood Log Candle – What’s more natural-looking than wood, right? If you’re going for a home design with home decors that lean more into the woody-rustic style, then this candle design, Wood Log Candle, is definitely the best home decor candle for you. Aside from its long-lasting coconut wax candle, this Wood Log Candle also has a very sturdy body. More than that, its candle design is very realistic looking, too. This would, no doubt, have no problems complementing that deer horn hanging in your walls for that extra-rustic looking feel.

Need something rustic to place your other scented candles on? No need to fret, this candle holder is the answer for you.

Gothic Design: Beauty with Dark Elegance

Skull Statue Candle – In my opinion, skulls are very gothic to look at. And Stone Candles just took that “gothicness” to another level by making black skull candles. Aside from that deep mysterious feel it gives, this home décor candle design is also one of the best in exuding elegance with its deep, glossy black color. Placing this on your nightstand or bedside table will surely take your gothic home up a notch.

Black Discover Pot Ceramic Candle – Among the home décor candles on this list, this candle, Black Discover Pot Ceramic Candle, might be my favorite. With its candle design of having multiple wicks, having this burning in your living room will truly emit goth and elegance. It also has a glossy container with geometric elements so aside from its gothic theme, it also has modern elements to it, too. Truly a versatile décor candle for your gothic home!

Ancient Greek Design: Sophistication with a Tinge of History

Dancing Ladies Statue Candle – This cream-colored home décor coconut wax candle showcases a candle design that looks simple but is actually complex. Molded with a pillar-like design inspired by the Greek Ionic Pillars and sculptures of ladies, this décor candle truly captures “Ancient Greek”. As a civilization once known for its great arts including sculptures, this candle design offers the elegant beauty and deep history of Ancient Greece. More than that, this home décor candle also burns beautifully, with the ladies being illuminated by the warm glow of the fire.

Neon “Glowwave” Design: Loud and Modern Aesthetic

Pink Agate Coaster – If you’re among the younger ones who like colors that pop and glow in the dark like neon colors, then this décor is the best for you. Pair this neon pink coaster with our very Kieffer Lime Lychee Pillar Candle and you’ve got your own popping loud home décor candle with colors that complement each other.

Whatever home-style and home décor you’re going for, candles will never fail you. Coconut wax candles should be your go-to home decors because they just suit everything. And by everything, I mean, every design. Surely, you’ll find a home decor candle that fits the motif you’re going for in your home sweet home. When it comes to candles, you should look nowhere else but Stone Candles, because whether it be scents or design, Stone Candles will never let you down.

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