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The Best Scented Candles for the Festivities

The Best Scented Candles for the Festivities

It is once again the season of Festivities! For sure many of you are busy preparing your homes’ decorations. Some of you are probably also going through their grandmothers’ journals to look for that special heirloom recipe. Nevertheless, festivities are always sure to stir that excitement and blissful rush in every home and family.

Amplify the festive feeling and atmosphere in your homes through these best-smelling fragrance candles from Stone Candles. These most popular Candle scents are sure to not just make your home smell nice but also make the members of your family feel even more festive and exhilarated!

1. Hashish by Daniel Stone

One of the most popular candle scents from the Daniel Stone Collection is the Hashish Candle. This fragrance candle offers a plethora of aromas circling around cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and green apple. This scented candle will give you the feeling of festiveness with its scents that remind you of that special pie that’s served during the holidays.

2. Karachi Blood Orange Spa Candle

Aren’t citrus scents always so refreshing and satisfying? They’re perfect in any type of occasion and of course, are surely fit for the festive seasons, too! This Karachi Blood Orange Spa Candle is a special good-smelling candle that will leave you relaxed and in a celebratory mood.

3. Juniper by Daniel Stone

One of the classic scents that remind you of festivities is none other than Pine! And that remarkable pine scent, mixed with other smell-icious aromas like eucalyptus, orange and cedarwood, is all here in the Juniper Candle by Daniel Stone. This popular candle scent is sure to put you and your home in that subtle yet jovial feel.

4. Clove - Fall Reclaimed Bottle

Clove, truly a classic scent! These flower buds have a scent so versatile and complementary that it is found in almost any fragrance—whether it be fragrance oils or fragrance candles. But even without other scents, Clove is remarkable on its own and this Fall-Reclaimed Bottle features Clove and nothing else. What more could lift up your mood than the simple yet classic scent of clove, right?

5. Nutmeg – Fall Reclaimed Bottle

Another scent among the “Classic Festive Scents” list is Nutmeg! This spice is not just popular in scents but also in foods and this is what probably makes it such a festive scent. After all, this spice is used in almost all of our food for the festivities. This mouthwatering yet calming scent is the star of the Nutmeg Fall Reclaimed Bottle. This scented candle, aside from being very aromatic, is also aesthetically pleasing to look at, too!

6. Amber Rose Pillar Candle

This scented pillar candle is not just good for the festivities but for any event—even a simple day. After all, what’s a more versatile scent than Vanilla, right? Vanilla is a popular candle scent that gives a subtly sweet luscious aroma that immediately brings relaxation to those who smell it. And this Amber Rose Pillar Candle has Vanilla as its main star—complemented with the musky scents of sandalwood and amber. If you want a festive yet relaxed feel at home, this fragrance candle is the best choice for you.

7. Smells Like Chocolate

If there’s vanilla, of course, there’s also chocolate. Chocolate is MUST if you want to have that high-spirited festive feeling! Basically, nobody dislikes chocolate anyway. So “Smells like Chocolate '' is your go-to fragrance candle if you’re a chocolate lover (like everyone. Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolates?) and you want to make your home have that velvety-chocolate scent.

8. Honeysuckle Coconut Wax Candle

One of the most popular candle scents from Stone Candles: Honey! Honeysuckle Coconut Wax Candle is a fragrance candle that burns to smell like the sweet combination of honey, lemon, and mandarin. This fragrance candle’s saccharine scent is made to bring joy and mirth to your home during the seasons of holidays or festivities.

9. FireSide Holiday Reclaimed Bottle

What’s a cozier yet still fits the theme of a festive thing to do than to sit beside a fire, right? Whether it be at bonfires or at the comfort of your home, in front of a fireplace, the smell of wood and its aroma slowly diffusing as it burns in the fire is a really comforting thing. This Fire Side Holiday Reclaimed Bottle scented candle features the unique scent of that special bonfire or fireplace.

10. Basil by Daniel Stone

This Basil scented candle from Daniel Stone offers a simple yet luxurious feel when it is burned. The popular yet remarkable herb is almost constantly being used in every dish that we eat. Basil gives your dish an added kick but having it as a fragrance candle works magic, too. Try this best-smelling candle for a new take on your favorite, festive herb!

Festivities aren’t always meant to be celebrated on certain days. In fact, you could make every day a festive day with these popular best-smelling candles from Stone Candles. Celebrate and better your every day with these scented candles that aren’t only suitable for holidays but even for your most ordinary days.

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