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The Best Scented Candles to Burn Now

The Best Scented Candles to Burn Now

Candles are totally “it” right now. Scented candles these days are more than just burning wax; it’s the hottest home décor and necessity; the most perfect gift; the best therapy; and the best stress reliever. It is no wonder so many people are going crazy over these best smelling candles! From scented candle pillars to even candle scent oils, people will surely flock over them.

Choosing the best scented candles for your home, though, can be quite a bit of a challenge especially when you are just a beginner to fragrance candles. Especially when new different scents and fragrances are being released and created almost daily!

Aside from this, more than scents, there are also a lot of other things that need to be considered when choosing the best candles for home. Just like the type of wax where the candles are made from. There are different types of waxes used for scented candles. But the best candles only make use of the best wax: coconut wax. Aside from being eco-friendly, coconut wax candles are sure to provide you the cleanest burn. Luckily, coconut wax candles are available at Stone Candles! Check out our COCO by Stone Collection.

To help you out a little in choosing the best smelling candles and candle fragrance oils, it’s better to choose from the best candle producer—ehem, Stone Candles!—and the top, bestselling scented candles from us!

Here are the best scented candles to burn now

1. Patchouli Sandalwood Pillar Candles

Capture the attention of everyone who enters your home with this best smelling candle that has hints of citrus and coriander as top notes. This scented candle offers the refreshing and intoxicating combination of jasmine and rose which is added to its deep base of patchouli and sandalwood. Burning this truly feels like a woody fantasy!

Stone Candles’ scented pillars are known for releasing scents even before being lit. Having this around your home—without even burning it—would make your home smell like the best woody scents and layers of sandalwood and patchouli.

This scent is also available as a candle scent oil which offers the same deep aromas of woods and citrus. Check it out here.

2. Amber Rose Pillar Candle

Aside from its pure looking, angelic white color, this scented pillar candle is also the definition of purity and cleanliness. This floral candle is one of our best smelling candles which burns with the perfect combination of Jasmine and Rose. As we like to describe it, this fragrance candle has a heart of greenery which also has the sophisticated blend of woody but sweet sandalwood and musk. Truly a great elegant scent to cover your home with.

This best scented candle is also available as a candle fragrance oil.

3. Black Bamboo Pillar Candle

There are some days where you just want to feel so light—as light as the swaying of those tall, tall bamboos. If so, then maybe this scented pillar is the best choice for you.

With its dark and deep black color, this candle exudes elegance and mystery. The scent it burns though, is the opposite with its refreshing and light combos of fresh bamboo, dewy lime and fresh grass. Nothing beats bamboo when it comes to lightness and crispness.

Try burning this best smelling candle at home and feel like you’re relaxing in the middle of a zen garden.

4. Lavender Scented Pillar

Do you use scented candles for aromatherapy purposes? Do you like these candles not just for the luxury they offer but also for its relaxing factors? Then this scented pillar may just be the best scented candle for you!

Lavender is known to offer relaxation to those who smell its wonderful aroma. Paired with the deep scents of worm wood, this candle is like a massage in scent form! This French lavender and worm wood fragrance offer a balanced scent that has a herbal top note with a woody spicy base.

Try this pillar in its essential oil form and experience relaxation you’ve never felt before!

5. Honeysuckle Pillar Candle

Want to experience heaven? This pillar may just be the one you are looking for.

The heavenly fragrance of the flowering honeysuckle mixed with lemon, mandarin, and orange are all packed into this beautiful scented pillar. Absolutely one of our best smelling candles, honeysuckle is one of my favorite candles made by Stone Candles. There’s just something so alluring about its light creamy yellow color paired with its luscious, sensual yet sweet scent!

And of course, this yummy scent is also available as a candle fragrance oil.

Some ways to also maximize the best scents of your candles is to let it burn longer! Having your candles burn longer will truly make the aromas come out. And of course, when burning candles, its best to savor every moment of it! Make it your “me time“ to burn your favorite scented candle and relax.

There are many, many scents out there that may just be your favorite scent! Who knows maybe the best scent for you is in this list? Nevertheless, its always good to experiment. Try different aromas and see what suits your preference best.

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