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Top 10 Best Smells Like Products

Top 10 Best Smells Like Products

Although unique and creatively formulated fragrances are really impressive and great to have as home candles, there are still times where we just couldn’t help but look and “crave” for certain smells and scents. There are times where we just want to feel comforted by the smells that we are already familiar with and encounter most of the time. And, in my opinion, these scents are one of the most attractive scents and are the best scents to smell at home!

Stone Candles is one of the best when it comes to producing eco-friendly scented candles. And one of its best-sellers and most popular products are the Smells Like Candles. With a cacophony of different smells and aromas, the Smells Like Candles surely are the most diverse candles of Stone Candles. After all, Stone Candles is an expert when it comes to the secrets of scents. 

Here are the top 10 Best Smells Like Candles of Stone Candles. These candles range from smelling like your favorite beauty products to smells of the festive seasons. 

1. Smells Like Chocolate

The top 1 on this list is the Smells Like Chocolate candle, after all, who doesn’t like chocolates? No one! Chocolates are heavenly sweet with bitter undertones and this candle smells just like your favorite cacao-dessert. Having this Smells-Like-Candle burning in your room would definitely make you feel like you’re in Willy Wonka’s Factory itself.

This lovely chocolatey scent is also available as a room spray.

2. Smells Like XOXO

Are you in love with the scents of your beauty products and want a candle that smells just like your skincare routine? Look no further, for the Smells Like XOXO candle is the candle for you. This candle smells like your beauty products with its sweet yet subtle layers of scents. 

Can’t get enough of the smell of your favorite beauty products? You can also purchase XOXO as a reed diffuser here.

3. Smells Like The Beach

The salty and ocean-y breeze; the waves softly crashing towards the shore; and the palm trees slowly swaying in the wind. With all these sensations, the beach is surely one of the most-sought after places of many people. With that, this candle that smells just like paradise, the Smells Like the Beach Candle, it is with no doubt that it would surely bring the ocean and maximum relaxation to your home. 

Have your room smelling like paradise with this cerulean blue colored Smells Like the Beach Spray. 

4. Smells Like Pink Sugar

Are you into sweet-smelling aromas? Do you also like candles that look pretty? Look no more for this candle that smells like Pink Sugar is not just sweet in scent but also sweet in appearance. With its light pink exterior and aroma that smells like expensive brands and just like your favorite beauty products and perfume, your home would surely be saccharine sweet with this candle.

5. Smells Like The Outside After the Rain

Are you a pluviophile? Lover of Rain? Then perhaps you also like the smell of your surroundings after the rain. The best scents and candles that smell like the rain is obviously the Smells Like The Outside After the Rain Candle. This candle smells like just the damp land after the rain with its subtle yet musky aromas.

6. Smells Like Citronella and No Bugs

In the practical minds of us candle lovers, the most attractive scents are probably not just those that smell nice but also the candles that smell like “Beneficial” and “Practical”. Just like the Smells Like Citronella and No Bugs candle, aside from the fact that this candle smells like citronella, it also helps in keeping bugs away! Talk about not just being aromatic but also helpful.

7. Smells Like Fresh Cut Grass

I know, I know. This candle that smells like fresh cut grass would probably smell weird to some people but hey, don’t you just think the smell of fresh cut grass is so refreshing and rejuvenating? And that’s one of the reasons why this candle that smells like grass is on this list. After all, scents that smell fresh are one of the most attractive scents.

8. Smells Like Talc Leather and Tobacco

For our candle enthusiasts who’d love the muskier and deeper scents that are almost manly, this candle that smells like leather and tobacco is the candle for you. Aside from its clean burn and deep scent, this candle is also a topnotcher when it comes to looking sleek with its elegant black container.

9. Smells Like Pumpkin Spice

Those who love autumn and just can’t get enough of the pumpkin spice drink and foods, this candle that smells just like fall is the best and right candle for you. It cannot be denied that fall is one of the best seasons and offers the most attractive scents and aromas and this candle features just that. Try it now!

10. Smells Like A Winter Forest

Aside from Fall, winter is totally one of the best seasons as well. This candle that smells like the winter doesn’t just offer the best scents and cool and serene aromas of winter but also the lovely and fresh scents of pine woods. Having this burning in your home is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Want to have common yet very specific scents that just hit you right in the best aromatic experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. With Stone Candles and its best smells like scents, surely, you will be able to choose the perfect and right candle for you. Whether it be the smell of the outside after the rain or the salty breeze of the Beach. 

The Smells Like Collection of COCO by Stone does not end with this list. There are other varieties which you may check out by clicking here. These candles aside from smelling great, are also good home decorations by pairing it without special candle holders.

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