7.5oz Candle with Box "Full Moon"

7.5oz Candle with Box "Full Moon"
7.5oz Candle with Box "Full Moon"
7.5oz Candle with Box "Full Moon"

    Click on this proof links to approved graphics
    Glass Label Proof
    Box Label Proof

    Back Label Proof

    Vessel: White Matte
    Provided by: Stone
    Wax Type: Coconut
    Wick: #8
    Total fill: 7.5oz
    Fragrance percentage: 0%
    Supplied By: Stone

    **Lay crystals green purple clear in white glass**

    Vessel label: Custom 2x2.75"
    Provided by: Stone
    Bottom label: Generic 2.5"
    Provided by: Stone
    Box: White
    Provided by: Stone
    Box Label: Custom 2x2.75" (Same as Glass)
    Provided by: Stone
    Box label: Custom 2x2.75" (Back label with text)
    Provided by: Stone

    NOTE: Add one of each color stone to top of candle in a triangle pattern. (White, purple and green)

    Click for label print links:
    Glass Label Print 
    Box Label Print

    Back Label Print 

    Provided by: Stone
    Master Case Size: 20x13x10
    Unit per Case: 24
    Case Weight: 40

    Master Case Label Spec:


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  • BATCH: Fragrance Load 0% 

    Ingredient Product Type/Code Weight Ratio
    Wax type Coconut 8oz
    Fragrance UNSCENTED



7.5oz Candle with Box "Full Moon"

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