Cost: $157.93 / each

Vessel: Large Ceramic Bowl
Provided by: Client
Fragrance: Darjeeling and Vanilla
Provided by: Stone
Wick: 16 #8
Total Fill: 300oz

 **Please adhere the crystal to the bottom (base) of the vessel with sticker that you use to secure the wicks.
The crystal should be secured to the bottom, leaving 50-60% of the crystal sitting above the wax...**

**3 inches from the inner wall of the vessel (as oppose to the 2.5).
The distance between the outer ring and the inner ring is 3 inches now so that will probably end up 2.5... 

**The distance between the crystal and the inner wicks should be 2 inches...**

Fragrance Percentage: 5%

Fragrance: 70% Darjeeling + 30% Vanilla

Large Ceramic Bowl Darjeeling

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