Light 4 Life Cause


Production Lead Time: Typically 2-3 weeks (Holidays 3-5 weeks) and if a supply is missing can be up to 6 weeks.
Sample Lead Time: Lead Time: 1-2 weeks - Burn testing takes at least 5 days to complete.
*These are estimated and subject to change

Supplies and scheduling will need to be calculated to confirm the deadline. Please use the 50% deposit option to submit an order to the production factory without payment. Then email or call production and tell them the due date to get confirmation before submitting a deposit to release the order.

Contact: (Inglewood location) - Sofia, Gemma, and Itzel 310.559.0133 ext 110 or email production@stonecandles.com

Contact: (Santa Monica Location) - Anya or Carmen 310.559.0133 ext 107 or ext 1 to ring all.

All production orders pickup in Inglewood (appointment only location must call before arriving)

If production order is requested with Pickup Santa Monica must call before arriving to confirm. Transfer can add 1-2 day to lead time

All Sample orders pickup in Santa Monica

Light 4 Life is a self service ecommerce platform that allows customers to design customized fragrance and products.

Step 1 order samples scent to design your fragrance
Step 2 order sample products for approval of custom fragrance
Step 3 order production order and upload your customized label graphics

Light 4 Life creates jobs for adults with disabilities through the manufacturing of these beautiful candles and home fragrance products.

Light 4 Life Cause is a more than just a manufacturing house. Through a unique partnership with Exceptional Children's Foundation, we’re able to create beauty and opportunity.

Reverse Fragrance Engineering, Product development, Graphic Design, Custom Fragrance, Glass Decoration and Packaging Design

Yes, it is possible. We distribute worldwide.

Yes, 24 units per production

You can email us at help@light4lifecause.com or call us at 310-559-0133

It’s as simple as placing an order on our website and your brand will directly be associated with the Light 4 Life mission.

Our key unique ingredient is our proprietary all natural coconut wax. We also make and formulate hundreds of other formulas.

If you are developmentally disabled, please contact Exceptional Children’s Foundation for job opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, influencer or sales representative contact help@light4lifecause.com.

Yes, customers can supply their own fragrance, labels, packaging, vessels and base formulation.

2.5oz ~20hour
6.5oz ~40hours
11oz ~70hour
*Trimming wick add 20% to life of candles

All-Natural Coconut Wax Blend
Contains: Coconut, Soy, Beeswax and Apricot Oil

All natural cotton wick and lead free

Hand Poured

All fragrances are IFRA, EU Allergen and EU SDS complaints and these documents can be found on the same place scent page for review.
All fragrances are Paraben, Phthalate, Lyral and Lilal free
All Products are Prop 65 Compliant

Yes, Light 4 Life Logo, Missions statement and cause can all be used to promote your partnership in the mission and endorse your product

Yes. For 8oz candle is currently scented at our 12.5% fragrance load (lowering fragrance can reduce price by 30 cent every 2.5% lowered)

Fragrance options are mostly fragrance oil and essential oil blends, but we do have about 8-10 pure essential oil options available. They will be notated with NF for Natural Fragrance and EO for Essential Oil.

Wax is an all natural blend of Coconut, Soy Beeswax and Apricot Oil. Can be marketed as coconut or soy candles.

Orders take 2-3 weeks if supplies are in stock if the fragrance is out of stock add 3 weeks to the timeline up to 6 weeks total. This is rare but does occur. The only way for production to confirm lead time and supplies are in stock you will have to place your order and select a 50% deposit option. At this point please reach out to production@stonecandles.com to confirm lead time. If lead time is acceptable then you can pay the deposit to get the order going.

Disclaimer: Holidays are excluded. Please anticipate longer lead time.