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7 Candles That Smell Like Your Favorite Designer

7 Candles That Smell Like Your Favorite Designer

We just cannot get enough of these designer brands! Last time, we featured different designers inspired scents and fragrances, and now we are going to talk about designers’ perfume inspired candles! Read on for more information about the different complexities of high-end brands and how they are captured in these significantly affordable candles!

All the candles listed here are taken from Stone Candle’s brand ,the Environment. This collection is known for its innovative scents and fragrances inspired by high end hotels and designer perfume brands! Aside from this, products from this collection are all eco-friendly and sustainably made.

Neroli, Ylang, Bergamot Candle (Inspired by Chanel #5)

If you want your home to feel and smell as fancy and luxurious as the designer brand Coco Chanel, then this scented candle is the best candle for you. With top notes of neroli, ylang and bergamot, this candle burns to the floral combination of iris, jasmine, and rose, and lingers with the scents of wood like patchouli and oakmoss.

This candle truly is a lush bouquet of fresh flowers, joined with citrus fruits. It has a heart of green florals and the warmth of vanilla and musk, making the burning of this candle a whole lot of experience. Have this in your home and feel as elegant as ever.

Rosewater, Peony Water, Washed Woods Candle (Inspired by d’Issey Miyake)

D’Issey Miyake is a designer brand known for releasing light, nature-like, and aqueous scents. Their designer perfumes always offer a light, classy and expensive feeling. And of course, who would not want that in their homes right? This d’Issey Miyake inspired scented candle is sure to make you feel like floating with expensive freshness at home!

With top notes of freesia, rosewater and cyclamen, middle notes of lily of the valley, peony water, and carnation, lastly bottom notes of tuberose, washed woods and amber, this scented candle gives off a classic floral aroma complimented with just the right amount woods and musk.

Santal, Tonka, Musk Candle (Inspired by Le Labo)

Le Labo is an eco-friendly designer brand that produces perfumes that are more than just normal perfumes; they create soulful fragrances. As such, fragrances by Le Labo are normally characterized by the right combination of new and old fragrances. This scented candle with scents of santal, tonka and musk, is exactly just like that.

This scented candle offers a deep, yet sensual aroma to your home once burned. It has top notes of lemon, cardamom, and eucalyptus. For its heart tones it has lily of the valley, amber mist, and leather. And as its bottom notes, the candle burns to a scent of sandalwood, musk, and oud wood. Truly the perfect concoction of woods, spice, and citrus.

Oud Wood, Guaiac Wood, Cedar Candle (Inspired by Tom Ford)

Tom Ford is a real classic when it comes to the perfume world. It’s sure to be recognized everywhere with its remarkable bottle design and of course, high quality, deeply concocted fragrances. This candle inspired by Tom Ford aims to offer what a Tom Ford perfume can with only a fraction of its price. Have you house smell like a classic with this scented candle.

Feel like you are in a forest of antique woods and surrounded by dark spices, cashmere notes of amber and sweet tones of vanilla. With top notes of strong spices like cardamom and black pepper, middle tones of patchouli, vanilla and amber, and bottom tones of cedar, guaiac wood and tonka bean, having this candle burning in your bedroom will truly make rest and sleep a one-of-a-kind, luxury experience.

Petitgrain, Carnation, White Cedar Candle (Inspired by YSL)

A designer brand that is making strides in not just the fashion and makeup industry but also the perfume industry, Yves Saint Lauren. Known for delivering quality products deserving of their price tags, this scented candle is sure to not just give you value for your money but also make your home smell as high end as YSL.

In this scented candle, intoxicating citruses are shining! Wild geranium and lavender fragrances are complimented with zesty carnation, and of course to finish, blushing wood is added! This candle’s top notes are composed of lemon, petitgrain, and bergamot. Its middle notes are lavender, geranium, and carnation while its bottom scents are white cedar, amber, and tonka bean. Truly a feast for your olfactory senses!

Amber Crystal, Vetiver, Oud Musk Candle (Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540)

Maison Kurkdjian is probably the most poetic line of designer perfumes. It spoke of perfume making as a bewitching process of alchemy meant to treat the olfactory. Baccarat Rouge 540 is said to “caress” the skin like amber with a woody floral whisper. What a truly alluring way to describe a scent, it is no wonder that this scent is in demand and now available in our scented candle.

With refreshing top notes of citrus that collides with oakmoss, amber, and tuberose. Along with vetiver, magnolia and musk, this scented candle is truly one made with the scents of fantasy! Your home would no doubt feel regal and mystical with this candle burning.

Sea Water, Ozone, Oakmoss Candle (Inspired by Davidoff Cool Water)

Among all the scented candles listed in here, this is probably the one with the most unique scent out of all them. Can you believe that the scent of the sea was perfectly captured in this Davidoff Cool Water inspired candle. Having this burning in your room would make you feel like you are living right next to the sea with the waves just crashing ashore.

This candle offers uplifting notes of citrus colliding with fresh sea waters. Along with this, wild geranium, lavender, and jasmine is blended to form its heart tones. But of course, this scented candle also offers a bit of woodiness despite the sea air with the aromas of tonka, amber, and cedar.

Make your home smell like a high end designer’s boutique with these affordable high quality scented candles made from only the purest coconut wax!

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