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Designers Inspired Perfumes

Designers Inspired Perfumes

Designer Brands are brands that many people want to buy and try but most cannot because, of course, these brands are on the pricey and expensive side. Recently, designer brands have also been making their names known not just in the fashion industry but also in the perfume industry. Needless to say, designer brands continue to gain fame and popularity as it reaches new horizons. They sure live up to their reputation of only the best quality and will truly make your purchase worth it. As such Stone Candles has launched their very own Designer-Inspired perfume line with different products: Environment - Le Parfum Collection.

Environment is a line of products that feature scents that are inspired by designer brands. These scents would make you feel like you are actually using high end brands; this, of course, is for an affordable price! Aside from this, Environment also offers a perfume line that would make your house smell and feel just like a fancy hotel.

Ever wanted to experience how those Designer perfumes smell like but never really had the budget to do so? Or are you looking for designer perfumes inspired fragrances? Fret no more, for the newly launched Environment Fragrances line is inspired by your admired designer perfumes. Smell just like that high end designer perfume with these best designer-inspired scents.

1. Inspired by Le Labo

If you want to smell and feel like an expensive man with such manliness, that heads turn to look, the no doubt Santal 33 by Le Labo is your top perfume choice. If you’re tight on the budget but still want to exude that expensive manly aura, then Santal by Environment is the best designer inspired perfume for you. This comes in diffusers and room sprays, too!

2. Inspired by Tom Ford

Another popular designer perfume with scents that emanate manliness and deep passion is Oud Wood by Tom Ford. The good news is that Stone Candles has also made its very own eau de parfum which smells just like Tom Ford but for more than half a price. What a steal! Smell luxurious with this best designer perfume dupe. This scent comes in other Environment products like roll-ons and candles.

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3. Inspired by Chanel #5

This fragrance is the best dupe for the designer perfume by Coco Chanel, #5. With its elegant scents of woodiness and florals with just the right amount of citrus, Chanel #5 designer inspired dupe from Environment would truly make someone or a house smell expensive and sophisticated. More than this, it has got the right amount of femininity and sensuality while at the same time not denting your allowance and budget.

4. Inspired by Diptyque

Baies by Diptyque is probably one of my favorite designer perfumes ever. This designer perfume has got such rich tones and layers which justifies why it is so pricey! Needless to say, Environment also has this designer inspired perfume. Which smells just like the original, this perfume has notes of cassis, peppercorn, tonka bean, geranium and more! Truly a deep and luscious scent in my opinion.

5. Inspired by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

This high-end designer perfume is one that’s jam-packed with all sorts of deep woody scents—a truly classic and elegant array of aromas, in my opinion. Just like the authentic Baccarat Rouge 540, this designer inspired scent has notes of bergamot, oud, oakmoss, amber, magnolia and musk. Aside from smelling expensive, it makes one smell high-class, too.

6. Inspired by Davidoff Coolwater®

If you want to feel like you’re lounging in a private luxury resort on a secluded virgin island, with the scent of the sea, mint, lavender and other notes, then, this high-end luxury perfume by Davidoff Coolwater is for you. Luckily, this wonderful scent is available in Environment’s very own dupe: Sea Water, Ozone and Oakmoss. Just these words are enough to send you an idea of how luscious and aromatic this designer-inspired perfume is and all for half the price of the original. What a steal!

Smelling and having high-end designer perfumes are now totally reachable without spending too much! Dupes, although aren't authentic perfumes, offer the same experience and aromas with more than half the price off. If you want to feel classy and expensive while not spending as much money, the Environment Le Parfum Collection fragrances are your best choice.

Let’s support affordable but worth it options that not just offer quality but also eco-friendliness, shop Environment now!

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