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Your happiness and satisfaction are our #1 concern.


These orders/products are made to the specifications of the customer.

Please review your product build / order and make sure ALL details are correct. Production will be making your order exactly as indicated on the listing or built out. If anything needs to be changed it needs to be changed on the product build BEFORE order is submitted. If you have not double checked all info please go back and check all product build / order are to your exact specification.

Production will follow whatever instructions you have on your order, so please be precise. If you have any questions regarding the items/ products, please contact us prior to placing your order.


Your order will be processed and production will make your order exactly as listed. No changes can be made after placing your order.

[ ] By checking this box, buyer has reviewed the products on Light 4 Life and has confirmed all details on their product build / order.  By indicating acceptance of the order and making payment via Light 4 Life, Buyer authorizes Light 4 Life to begin production on the Order and to charge Buyer’s credit card in the amount reflected on the Order. Following such charge, no changes may be made to your order. Light 4 Life is not responsible for any errors in the final product caused by information missing from the product listing or build process provided by Buyer (including vessels, wax, labels, fragrance, pack out, etc)