Fragrance Notes

Let’s talk about the different fragrance notes.

Fragrances mimic that of a song, using “notes” to represent each layer of the scents as they all come together to form accords and in the end, a symphony.

When designing your scent, base notes are what linger in the home while the top notes are what you notice first but evaporate the quickest and are sometimes called the “head” notes. These tend to be the aromas that are more commonly what people identify as the strength of the fragrance since they are sharp, intense and what you notice first.

Middle notes, often called the “heart or body” of the fragrance, are the aromas that appear as your scents diffuse in the air. The middle notes help move the fragrance from the top to the bottom in a nice and smooth transition. They also help hold the fragrance together so it doesn’t seem so incomplete.

Base notes; the largest and most tenacious molecules that provide the depth and longevity of your fragrance and are the aromas that stay with you for hours after you’ve made your initial application.

Basically, middle and base notes are the core of your scents!