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Lead Time Policy

    • Production is a 3 week lead time and order will alway be done sooner if possible

    • 3 weeks should be allowed on raw material supplies not currently in stock.

    • Max perceived lead time is 6 weeks if supplies are out of stock and scheduling is maximized -Custom Raw materials are not ordered until deposit has been made for a Purchase Order. -General Production Lead Time is 3 weeks from the receipt of all materials and 50% deposit. This is an estimate and can vary depending on size of order.

    • Exact scheduling can be determined upon prior request: If order is a rush and 6 week lead time doesn’t work for the deadline, a supply-stock-check may be requested after PO is submitted, in order to make sure supplies are in stock before making a deposit. Otherwise inhouse inventory supplies are only checked and ordered after the deposit is made and order is confirmed.

    • Production will only start once all supplies are in hand and checked. (Requirement for machine)

  • Lead times are all subject to change