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Light 4 Life

Terms & Conditions and Standard Operating Procedure


* Production has a 3% over/under allowance

* All supplies provided by customer should be 10% over estimate if exact quantity is needed for purchase order otherwise order may be short after QC of supplies

- Production is typically 2-3 week lead time and orders will alway be done sooner if possible

- 3 weeks should be allowed on raw material supplies not currently in stock.

- Max perceived lead time is 6 weeks if supplies are out of stock and scheduling is maximized

- Custom Raw materials are not ordered until deposit has been made for a Purchase Order.

- General Production Lead Time is 3 weeks from the receipt of all materials and 50% deposit. This is an estimate and can vary depending on size of order.

- Exact scheduling can be determined upon prior request
* All deadline must be confirmed by production manager
* A supply-stock-check may be requested after order is submitted, in order to make sure supplies are in stock before paying a deposit. Otherwise inhouse inventory supplies are only checked and ordered after the deposit is made and order is confirmed.
* Production will only start once all supplies are in hand and checked. (Requirement for machine)
* Lead times are all subject to change

* DISCLAIMER: Please carefully review every line item on your product listing as you submission of your order is binding to the specification built on your product listing. Your order submission will be an approval of the order and the below:

- All fragrances, vessels, labels, and box colors are correct.
- Fragrances have been approved. If you have opted not to burn samples this will be an approval on the scent from raw fragrance oil.
- Custom orders subject to a 3% over/under.
- If fragrance is out of stock, it may take 2-3 weeks extra to complete your order.
- Lead times are all subject to change
- Deposits are non-refundable
- All issues with orders must be reported within the first 7 days of delivery. No returns can be authorized after this period.

* Terms are 50% upon Purchase Order and 50% upon completion before shipping

*Final invoice may vary from original PO due do 3% over Under Policy
-Deposits are non-refundable as materials are ordered base the PO request
-Final Invoice may not match original PO due to 3% over/under
-Samples are prepaid in full and are charged at a rate of $20 per sample or the cost of the item if over $20 per unit.
-Shipping may vary from estimated amount on original order and a secondary charge for shipping may be added to the final invoice.

* Multipoint QC process:
1) spot check when supplies arrive and confirm quantities match packing slip.
2) Production line check
3) Packout check

* Spot check is about every 200 units

* Machine manufacturing is very fast with less opportunity than hand production to catch QC issues in glass, bottle and boxes as the machine moves supplies through conveyor belts, auto boxing and labeling systems. Hence pre inspection of supplies is customer responsibility if supplies are delivered directly to Light 4 Life, customer may come for a pre inspection of supplies if delivered directly and before we go into production to avoid 100% QC fees.

* Supplies will be brought to our dock on an agreed day and time for inspection. This does not grant access to our entire facility.

* 100% QC of supplies delivered will incur an extra cost. (Cost varies depending on request) Supplies should be checked prior to arriving. (hourly rate of $30 per hour)

* In the case of quality issue Light 4 Life will be given the opportunity to fix the product

* If Light 4 Life cannot fix the product Light 4 Life will reimburse the cost of the material with proof of receipt or at market rate.

* Light 4 Life will not take responsibility for highly price valued items. Breakages are at customers own risk.

* All issues with orders must be reported within the first 7 days of delivery. No returns can be authorized after this period.

* All supplies left over 6 month will be disposed of without notice or recourse.

* Light 4 Life is not responsible for temperature related damages occurring after the product has shipped.

Extreme cold and heat will damage products.

* Extreme heat will melt candles this does not qualify defective product
* Extreme cold temperatures can cause wax to harden and separate form the vessel (all vessel medians respond differently) During extreme cold when wax hardens and separates from glass the wax can be easily knocked out of the container when shipping. This does not qualify as a defective product.
* Paraffin blends are harder and handle high temperature but are more prone to cold and separating from containers. A top tapered glass or insert is recommended if customers are concerned about shipping in cold weather.
* Natural blend is softer and is more prone to fragrance leaking in high temperature and shipping with a dust cover is recommended to help protect and absorb slight leaking. This dust cover will not protect against excessive leaking.

* Shipping damages are to be claimed by the shipper. Light 4 Life will pack and ship according to the UPS/FEDEX guidelines of ½ inch of padding a space between box and product and all products are packed according to their standard. Any damages need to be claimed with the carrier.

* Trucking all pallets will be wrapped and secured to ensure safety in travel. All damage must be claimed from the shipper after leaving our factory.

* Light 4 Life is not responsible for the compatibility of every form factor ie. Wax + Vessel and Label material + vessel. Unless tried and tested there is no history of success and is customer responsibility to test the custom materials and products they provide for filling and labeling. 3rd party testing labs such as Bureau Veritas and SEA are recommended at customers expense. (see below)

* Master Case and custom shipping carton is customers responsibility to create a safe system for UPS and freight handling.

* Supplies from customers need to be QC’d and tested prior to arriving. Fragrance supplies need to have MSDS and documents ensuring flash point is above 165 degrees.

QC Recommendation
* Label must be QC'd before arriving for proper art and print quality and should be on a roll not stickers or sheets. (Requirement)

* Labels must be laminated for oil/Liquid based products to prevent damages to labels.

* Boxes Lids need to be checked for sticking together. This leads to packaging breakages.

* Switching inserts between boxes this all need to be prepared before shipping to us. We cannot open other boxes to grab inserts for another product.

* Candles that are not burned according to the ASTM burn label instruction and if candle flashes or vessels burst while burning Light 4 Life will not be held responsible. A replication of proper buring according to ASTM will be replicated to prove candle burns well when instructions are followed as approved in the burn testing process by the customer.

* ASTM Burning intruction are below and should be include on every candle as instructed by Light 4 Life

* Not every label material and size will work. Glasses that are tapered when labels get too big can create bubbling. Highly recommend to test before making large format labels. Also the type of label such as Paper vs Bopp (synthetic) can have different success rates. Paper tends to have a higher level of QC due to not stretching in the label machine. Also paper labels cannot be removed after applied whereas synthetic stock can easily be fixed and will reduce your QC rejections. )

* Labels on boxes are never recommended. Once the label goes on to a box crooked it cannot be removed. If the box is detory by a crooked label, Light 4 Life will not replace the cost of the packaging. We have a 50 cent charge for applying box labels so Light 4 Life can work diligently and slowly to ensure proper placement and not detoy packaging supplied by customers.

* Machine labeling - Not all labels are compatible - eg. clear labels tend to buddle very easily and may not work and must be tested prior to production to ensure success. We recommend testing all label on machine before production,

* If extra steps are added or extra labor is analyzed after production next order may have increased packout charges. (unless under contract)

* All product weight does not equal container size eg. an 11oz container could be 8-9oz fill and 4oz could be 3.5oz. Please make sure the product label is referring to wax weight and not container size.

* For burn hours Light 4 Life doesn't do testing for burn hours and doesn’t recommend putting on product as the burn times can vary drastically based on the way someone burns the candle and trims their wicks. Light 4 Life burn tests for the worst case scenario to make sure the product is safe. We light for 8 hours and may not trim wicks as most customers do not follow instructions. Hence burn times need to be tested by the customer. If burntime is called out on product customers need to burn the candle accouring the astm standard on bottom of label: 4 hours at a time, blow out and wait for wax to harden. Trim wick to ¼ inch and relight. Record, document and save records.(unless under contract)

* When using a clear glass there's something called pulling in our industry where wax separates off the glass in colder weather. This is an industry standard and it happens to all brands there is no 100% adhesion it is just a physics of wax shrinking. We have noticed this can be much more on vessels including metal and concrete where the wax may completely come off the walls.

* Fissures and leaking vessels Vessels that are porous and not sealed cause the fragrance and oils in the wax to soak into the walls and create fissure in the center of the candle. Sometimes we have seen the wax and fragrance soak right through the outer walls during the summer. These are not air pockets formed during the production process; they come from the vessel not being sealed properly. This will not classify as defective on the part of the manufacturer. Most commonly found in: ceramics, marble, stone, terracotta and concrete

*Metal tins must be lined or rusting can occur and must be seamless or leaking can occur. All metal containers have higher risk of burning surfaces due to conducting higher temperatures

*Vessels supplied by customers must be thermal shock rated if damages occur while shipping and burning Light 4 Life will not be responsible

* All pricing is based on the packout steps listed. Any change in the process that incurs extra labor may incur extra costs. All changes must be added to estimate and signed off from both parties.

All of Light 4 Life fragrance oils are prop 65 compliant, paraben and phthalate free. They are designed to burn true and clean in candle wax and are all non toxic. Essential oils are from the earth and tend to not alway work as well as fragrance oils. If you smell a burning scent from an essential oil we suggest not using it as this means there is chemical change occuring and could be hazardous.

* Fragrance oils - are a combination of synthetic, natural and essential oil blends
* Natural Fragrance - Are made from all natural ingredients
* Essential Oil - Oil distilled directly from the plant

Upon request Light 4 Life could make a custom wax blend for a client but there is “no test of time. '' Would be recommended to send it to a 3rd party testing lab to ensure stability at the customers cost. If the client approves without testing the lab, Light 4 Life will not be responsible for the instability of the wax in different temperatures or conditions.

Light 4 Life makes no guarantee that every combination customers request will be successful and compatible. Unless using the exact spec and forms that Light 4 Life currently provides: eg. The combination was vessel, wax, fragrance, packaging and labels that are inhouse and stocked. When supplied by custom the customer must assume responsibility for unique form factors testing and compatibility. All labels must be tested prior to machine use. Light 4 Life will need a small roll of 50-100 label and 25-50 vessels to test. Not all label work in the machines.

Scent reverse engineering service: Any formula on the market can be reverse engineered with a near exact duplication. Requires a 1/2oz sample submission. We prefer perfume & oils, but will accept candles, soaps, lotions as well. 10lbs minimum order quantity required for purchase after reverse engineering.(This will make 160 8oz candles @ 12.5% load) All other products and % load will vary the MOQ

Cost: $150 Lead Time: 5 weeks Includes: Small batch oil for approving and sampling. Each sample product is $20.

Custom scents have a 10lbs MOQ and will be used in it entirety per order unless the below is organized
Fragrance can be stocked at:
$150 Deposit for 10lbs reorders @ 2lbs
$375 Deposit for 25lbs reorders @ 10lbs
$700 Deposit for 50lbs reorders @ 25lbs

* Deposit will be return at anytime but will require writing notice to discontinue stocking custom fragrance and once all has been use deposit will be return
* 10lbs MOQ is an incredibly low volume in the industry and Light 4 Life Leverages its buying power and long time partnerships to offer this low MOQ and pass it onto its customers to help launch their brands.

Color samples cost $60 to make a proper color batch. Light 4 Life does not recommend using colored wax as we have found it affects the scent throw and functionality of the candle. But can be done if customer requests.
Light 4 Life does not guarantee pantone color replication in wax and would prefer not to use color in any product. If customer agrees Light 4 Life will make color in candle but customer must have flexibility the color may vary from batch to due to the same formula may slightly vary due to the variance in the natural ingredients in raw materials.
Warning Color affects the burning of candles and can prohibit wicks from burning. To ensure candles burn well a $60 burn test needs to be performed before each production. This can be waived on small batch orders but custom assumes the risk of candles under burning and not performing to the original approved burn test or color match.

MSDS for products are $250 to make and can take up to 3 weeks to receive.
Raw material SDS, EU Allergen and IFRA will be supplied upon signing a non disclosure contract.

Extras Cost Chart (Subject to be added to orders if added after order is placed)
80 cents - Cello Wrapping (Subject to change if product size is not standard)
50 cent - Box Packaging (Subject to change if product size is not standard or added inserts that require assembly label not included)
25 cents - Crimping (perfume)
10 cent - Extra touch point Ie. removing raw materials from bags and extensive wrapping.
15 cents - Machine label (Liquid Bottle Only)
25 cents - Hand applied quick label (like UPC or bottom labels)
50 cent - Face label hand applied product/box label

Outside colored glass may not work in machines and may get scratches. If this occurs during production hand applied pricing will be added to the final order

Label on roll must be:
* 3 inch inner core
* 8 inch outermax
* copy off to left (addition number 4)
* no flush label, must have space
* preferred paper backing.

Recommended vendor

Light 4 Life using independent designer and charges $30 per hour which will be added to your final invoice

Products are not made to EU and world wide regulations: extra labeling requirements and sometimes formulation must be performed in compliance with different counties and laws. Including: Listing known Allergens and local languages are not included on product unless requested as this is not a requirement in the United States.

Bureau Veritas -
SEA Limited -
Intrinsik -

Kindly click on the link to see image of Generic Label

2.5 Generic Bottom Label - Download Here]

Generic Label - Download Here