3.4oz Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer Cactus Jack - Agave
Bottle: 100ml 3.4oz Clear with white Spray pump
Label 4 5/8 x 3" height
Fragrance: Agave Cacao FN 360816
Supplied by: Stone
Load: 0.5%
72% Ethyl Alcohol 


Top: Lemon Leaf, Coconut Water, Jasmine, Crisp Oak Moss

Mid: Cardamom Seed, Clove, Egyptian Geranium

Base: Gradadian Cacao Bean, Cane Sugar, Blue Agave, Sheer Musk  


A zest of green Lemon is blended with exotic Jasmine and Coconut Waters. Wild Egyptian Geranium is complimented with bold Cardamom & dark Clove bud. Undertones of Granadian Cacao Beans, Blue Agave, and Cane Sugar complete this modern aroma. A sheer mist of Musk creates a complex dimension to this fragrant affair.

3.4oz Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer Cactus Jack - Agave

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