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8 Most Popular Designer Perfumes of All Time

8 Most Popular Designer Perfumes of All Time

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of the best and most popular designer perfumes of all time? Look no more, as this article will feature a plethora of only the best designer perfumes from different designer brands with a detailed explanation of why they are popular.

Of course, we do know that these designer perfumes may be on the slightly pricey and a little expensive side. Not all has the luxury to spare a few hundred dollars or so for a bottle of perfume. But don't worry! We've got you covered. Aside from listing down the most popular designer perfumes, this blog will also show you some of the best dupes for these perfumes. These perfumes will surely make you smell rich and expensive without denting your budget at all!

Stone Candles has launched their new collection called "Environment" . This collection of perfumes has an affordable selection of eau de parfums inspired by different Designer perfumes and also, hotel scents. Environment offers a luxurious and rich variety of fragrances and scents. It is truly a perfume collection which will leave you smelling luxurious with little amount of money spent!

Without further ado, here are the top 8 most popular designer perfumes of all time!

1. Inspired by Baies (Diptyque)

Baies is known for its flowery aroma amplified with the unique scent of black currant berries. It is a designer perfume that smells of elegance and class. Environment has a dupe for this luxurious scent perfectly imitating its scent with the right combination of quince flowers and black currant berries.

2. Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat rouge is another designer perfume popular for its mixture of woodsy and spicy scents with a hint of just the right amount of florals. This designer perfume dupe from Environment is concocted with top notes of oakmoss, amber and tuberose. It also combines citrus with magnolia and more. Truly a delish scent!

3. Inspired by Chanel #5

Chanel #5 as they like to call it is “femininity in a bottle”. Chanel 3 5 is like a bouquet of different floral fragrances. With its sweet yet deep aromas, it is truly a popular choice among women! Environment’s designer perfume dupe is mixed with the luscious scents of ylang, bergamot, and neroli. An absolute femininity of a perfume!

4. Inspired by Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool water is known for its cool scents and notes just like its name suggests. It offers a manly freshness from an elegant bright blue bottle. As hard as it is to believe, this bottle of designer perfume has managed to capture the fresh scents of the ocean! IT is one of the reasons why it is so popular especially among men.

5. Inspired by L’Eau (d’Issey Miyaki)

Another designer perfume in this list which features the fresh scents of the ocean is the perfume from Issey Miyaki, L’Eau. This perfume is made with the inspiration of the chemical that is the reason for life: water. It offers the simplicity and purity that water gives in the form of a designer perfume. Environment’s designer perfume dupe for this also contains peony water, rosewater, and woods.

6. Inspired by L’Homme (YSL)

L’Homme is probably the most masculine designer perfume of all time. It is blended with wood and citrus scents. One spritz of this designer perfume makes a man feel like the most manly man in the modern world, no exaggeration! This designer perfume dupe from Environment is also blended with petitgrain, cedar and carnation.

7. Inspired by Oud Wood

A smoky passion. These are the words that perfectly describe and capture the essence of the designer perfume, Oud Wood by Tom Ford. Crafted with the musky scents of oud wood, sandalwood, Chinese pepper and cardamom, this designer perfume dupe is a passionate blend of woodiness and spice.

8. Inspired by Santal (Le Labo)

Another perfume on this list that offers woodiness and spice is Santal. It has notes of oud wood, sandalwood, musk and accentuated with lemon and cardamom. This designer perfume is perfect not just as dupe but also as a luxurious scent for you home, making it feel like Hotel1!

And there goes your list of the top 8 most popular designer perfumes of all time (with their corresponding dupes, of course!) so, what are you waiting for? Grab your own designer perfume dupes now!

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