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Why Do Hotels Smell So Good? Complete Hotel Scent Guide

Why Do Hotels Smell So Good? Complete Hotel Scent Guide

Have you ever checked into a hotel and wonder, why do these hotels always smell so good? We know you have because we get you! We find ourselves asking that question as well. There is just something regal and remarkable with the way hotels—especially those renowned ones smell and in this blog, we talk about Hotel Scents and how you can make your house smell like a hotel!

Hotels always smell good because it is a good marketing strategy for them to be remembered by their patrons. Smells and scents leave a big impact on us more than what we expect. And if a certain hotel has its own remarkable scents and fragrances, people will remember this hotel not just by its ambiance but also its aroma!

Aside from helping the hotel stand out and be memorable, good aromas also help in attracting potential customers. After all, a fresh luxurious smelling hotel is more likely to be chosen by hotel goers. It’s all about marketing!

But do we really need to check in to a hotel to be able to smell these luxurious hotel scents? Absolutely not! Guess what, you can turn your house into smelling like a fine hotel with this hotel collection of ENVIRONMENT.

The Environment is a new scent collection that offers luxurious hotel scents which will make your house smell just like your favorite fine hotels and also your favorite high-end designer perfumes. All of these for an affordable price and impeccable quality.

Here are some of the best sellers from the Environment Hotel Collection.

1. Inspired by 1 Hotel

1 Hotel is a luxurious hotel resort known for its musky and subtle scents. This hotel scent offers the same musk and woodiness that is sure to turn your home into a five star hotel with its scent!

2. Inspired by Delano Beach Club

If you want to be reminded of that beach vacation you took three years ago and try to relive that luxury feeling again then this hotel scent is the best for you. With its refreshing notes of orange and lemongrass, this scent truly feels like vacation in a perfume!

3. Inspired by Hotel Costes

If you want your house to smell like this romantic and luxurious fine hotel in Paris, then this hotel scent is the best choice for you. With just the right amount of woodiness from sandalwood, sweetness from vanilla, and spice from amber, nothing speaks “Paris” more than this aroma.

4. Inspired by the Aria Hotel

This scent offers the right combination of woodsy, florals and citrus into one fine hotel scent. Having this in your home would make your guests say, “smells like a luxurious hotel!”

5. Inspired by The Wynn Hotel

Do you like fine hotels which smell like the subtle freshness of flowers? Then this hotel scent inspired by the Wynn Hotel may just be the right scent for you. It also has the freshness of melon, too!

6. Inspired by Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Hotel is known for their bright and light rooms and ambiance and to match it, its hotel scent is “fresh” in scent form. With the light scent of vetiver grass paired with guaiac wood and rose, having this scent in your home would make you feel like you are staying at the Fairmont Hotel.

7. Inspired by Marriott Hotel

The Marriot Hotel aims to refresh their guests with their luxurious rooms and amenities and the same goes for their luxurious hotel scent! With the perfect combination of citrus fruits and flowers, this scent truly makes one home smell just like a luxurious hotel.

8. Inspired by The Ritz Carlton Hotel

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is known for making their guests feel like they are royalty. This is highlighted by the royal hotel scents it has to offer. Characterized by ocean scents of marine mixed with the spiciness of bergamot and freshness of Jasmine, smelling this scent is truly a royal experience.

9. Inspired by Westin Hotel

The woody and sweet smell of white tea paired with the deepness musk that cedar offers, accentuated with the fresh and light smell of aloe vera, the scent of the fine Westin Hotel truly is one our olfactory senses would never forget!

10. Inspired by The Edition Hotel

The Edition Hotel is known for its class and elegance and its deep woodsy interiors. As such, it is only expected that its scent is complementary to its aesthetic. With deep woodsy notes of patchouli, black woods and amber, this hotel scent is sure to turn your home into a world-class hotel.

11. Inspired by W Hotel

W Hotel is just one of those hotels that scream “Luxury” at first sight and the same goes for its unique, fancy hotel scent. This fine hotel’s scent is accentuated by refreshing floral and citrus notes.


Who says only hotels can smell good and luxurious? You can turn your house into a fine hotel too with just the right perfumes! Choose from this unique hotel collection of ENVIRONMENT and feel like you’re staying at a 5 – star luxury hotel all day, every day!

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