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Fire Safety and Candles

Fire Safety and Candles

If there’s one thing most candle-fans and candle-users like in candles it would probably be the calmness that it gives. The soft flickering of the flame; the special scent accompanied by the subtle smell of the wick burning; the slow trickling of melted wax and the mellow illumination candles give. With all these, candles are really the best ASMR-inducers and are an instant way to feel relaxation.

Candles, unfortunately, may also give feelings opposite to “calmness”. Since candles are basically burning waxes, when left unmonitored, it could cause accidents; accidents like house fires. As a matter of fact, about 8,200 cases of home fires every year were caused by—you guessed it right, candles. This just goes to show that candles could also cause feelings of anguish and sorrow when not used properly and safely.

Not to worry, though! As there are various ways to avoid home fires caused by candles and it all revolves around one solution: proper use of candles. This article will give you candle safety tips and teach you on how you can use candles in your home free of worries about possible home fires.


The National Candle Association has suggested six steps on candle safety. These steps are simple and do not require much work. Following these steps are sure to promote candle fire safety in your homes and families.

1. DON’T WALK AWAY – In short, NEVER leave your burning candles unmonitored. If you need to do an errand or go shopping and would have to leave the house, then make sure that your candles are not burning. Double-check if the flames of your candles have all been snuffed out before leaving.

2. SECURE THE AREA – Make sure that your candles are not near anything that could burn. This is because you never know, maybe your candle might fall down and spread fire through the objects near it. It is suggested to keep your candles at least one foot away from flammable objects.

3. KEEP FROM KIDS & PETS – Kids and pets are always running around playing, chances are they could bump one of your candles and accidentally burn your house. Since you cannot really control them, it’s better to just keep your candles out of the reach of children and pets.

4. AVOID DRAFTS & VENTS – These things always have air circulating in them and may cause unnecessary gusts of winds to your candles. This may cause your candles to burn unevenly and drip more quickly which raises the risk for house fires.

5. DON’T TOUCH OR MOVE – When your candles are already burning, its wax is also softening at this time, it is best to not touch them unnecessarily for extra candle fire safety.

And lastly,

6. KEEP CANDLES 3” APART – If you like burning multiple candles in one area, it's best to give them at least 3 inches allowance in between the candles. This would help in preventing the candles from melting each other and cause uneven burning.


These are generally the steps that you need to follow to guarantee fire safety in your homes. Doing all these would make you a great candle-user as well as a responsible owner of your home. Aside from these steps, though, there are also other things you can do and take note of to take your candle fire safety to the next level.


• Keep your wicks at ¼ inch long. This would ensure and even burn and that your candle flame won’t get too tall.

• Keep your wax pool clean.

• When putting out the flame, use a candle snuffer. This is to avoid getting burns from the hot, melted wax. Yikes!

• NEVER use water when snuffing candles out, this might cause the melted wax to spatter and cause somebody unwanted pain from burns and scalds.

• Use a long lighter or match when lighting candles. To avoid ouchies.

• Be. Mindful. Of. Your. Candles. At. All. Times. I cannot emphasize this enough.

…You thought that’s the end of it, didn’t you? Well, surprise! It’s not the end yet as you may not be aware of this, but the candles and candle holders you use also matter in fire safety. Never saw that coming, right?

Make sure to only use candles that are safe to burn. If you’re using low-quality candles then the possibility is that these candles are heavy - with wicks that are too long and wax that burns too quickly. All these things contribute to the fire safety and wax melt safety of your candles. Dyes make waxes less pure and thus makes it melt more. The same with wax bases; some wax bases melt more quickly. Very long wicks, as mentioned earlier, would cause uneven burn. All these things increase the risk for fire accidents. Candle holders, on the other hand, also matter as they must fit your candles perfectly. It must also be heat-resistant, large and sturdy.

Here at Stone Candles, we only offer the highest-of-quality candles. Our wax products are candles safe to burn. We use coconut wax as our candle base which makes our candles burn slowly. Our wicks are always properly centered and at the perfect lengths. If aesthetics is your priority, then no problem, we also have beautiful and elegant candles that don’t use a lot of dye but are still vibrant and colorful. Stone Candles also offer all sorts of safe candle holders and safe candle containers. Ranging from glass vessels to coasters and blocks. All are guaranteed to be sturdy and heat resistant.

More than calmness and relaxation, one more thing that should matter the most to us candle-users is our safety. Prioritize candle fire safety over candle fragrances and appearances. Follow these steps and keep your families and homes feeling safe and comforted by your candles.

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Burn Instructions
• Burn 4 hours at a time.
• Trim Wick 1/4" prior to lighting
• If smoke occurs, extinguish flame, trim and relight
• Do not allow Wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool
• Keep wax pool free of debris
• Burn on temperature safe surface
• Do not burn directly on furniture as it might burn or stain lead-free cotton wicks

WARNING: To Prevent Fire
• Burn within sight
• Keep away from things that catch fire
• Keep away from children

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