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These Are the Best New Spring Fragrances of 2023

These Are the Best New Spring Fragrances of 2023

Spring is probably the most perfect season. It is the transition season from winter to summer; it offers just the right temperature of warmth with a little bit of coldness. Aside from this, it is also the season of nature! Flowers bloom, trees grow and grasses are ever green. Surely makes you want to frolic around when it is spring.

And because this season is so special, it is only right for you to have fitting spring fragrances! And in this blog, we are going to talk about the best new spring fragrances of 2023. Take a look at some of the best and freshest scents and fragrances that just screams “Spring”!

Now that you know how to choose the perfect spring fragrance from our previous blog, it is time for you to have a look at our very own special collection from Stone Candles made just for the just as special season of spring!

After the Rain

Since as we know spring is the time when from cold, we transition to warmer temperatures, don’t you think it just reminds you of when it finally stops raining? It is not cold but it is not really warm either and that perfectly captures the feeling Spring gives! And of course, what makes rain great is that unique aroma it leaves after wetting the ground, petrichor.

This scented candle truly captures the alluring and refreshing aroma of the rain and plus, it is also available in other forms like room sprays and reed diffusers!

Fresh Cut Grass

Like we said, Spring is the season of green nature! What more is greener than grass, right? Have you tried mowing your lawn? I am sure you have, and I’m sure you also smelled that amazingly fresh scent that comes from the freshly trimmed grass. And this exact scent is captured in this specially concocted fragrance.

With a burst of citrus and the right amount of woodiness, this spring scent is up for grabs for those who want to feel as light and airy as grass swaying!

White Floral

When we think of spring, probably the first thing that comes to our minds are flowers. Spring usually brings bloom and the most beautiful things that bloom are of course, flowers! Flowers, aside from being so pretty are also known for their unique and sweet floral scents. These scents are sure to bring freshness and sweetness, perfect for Spring.

This White Floral scent will make you feel like walking into a white flowering garden, with notes of sweet citrus that ripen under the sun as the white lilies and delicate gardenias bloom over a patchouli mist of sheer musk. This spring scent is not just aromatic, but also magical!

White Tea | Cedar | Aloe Vera

Inspired by the unique hotel scent of Westin Hotel and a special fragrance from Stone Candles’ Environment Collection, this spring scent offers a luxurious accent to the light and warm season of spring.

Feel not just springy but also elegant with this hotel and designer inspired scent that has white tea and aloe scents, infused with sheer floral notes and enhanced with cedar and sandalwood.

Mandarin Rind | Bergamot | Geranium

Another luxurious spring scent in this list is this fragrance inspired by Aesop perfume. This designer inspired spring perfume has lush nuances of florals that are complimented with fresh citrus and wild geranium, white tuberose, and misty musk. Having this scent would truly make you feel like you off at the park having picnic as the flowers bloomed.

This scent is from Environment Collection and inspired by high-end designer brands. But of course, you can get this fragrance for way less coin than designer perfumes. This is also available as a scent for our high-quality candles.

So what are you waiting for? Grab you perfect spring fragrance now!

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